Interdisciplinary Research Program – TUDelft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
UD-TT Lecture Series—Territories of Accumulation—Session 1

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Section of Urban Design
Delta Urbanism Research Group
Graduation Studio—Transitional Territories
(Joint Studio with AA, Diploma Unit 9, Third Territorial Attractor)

Curated by:
Nikos Katsikis

Hosted by:
Nikos Katsikis and Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Section of Urban Design—TUDelft



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The Transitional Territories lecture series explores the agency of design as a mode of investigation and reflexive transformation of the ever-changing interrelations between natural processes, societal practices, and (geo)political frameworks. The 2021-2021 edition introduces as an investigative lens the notion of accumulation broadly conceived: as a material process of anthropogenic transformation of the earth, but also as a process of – often unequal – social and ecological (re)organization. From the ecopolitics and hydropolitcs of accumulation, to its multiscalar metabolisms, the series aims to offer critical insights around the state and agency of the territorial project within the pressing context of the climate crisis and the associated social and ecological tensions.

Session 1

18 november 2021

17:00—18:00 CET


Jose Alfredo Ramirez


Jose Alfredo Ramirez is an architect, director of AA Groundlab, co-director of the Landscape Urbanism MArch/MSc Postgraduate Programme and director of the Mexico Visiting School at the AA. He studied Architecture in Mexico City and a Landscape Urbanism MA at the AA in 2005. At AA Landscape Urbanism he explores the consequences of the potential implementation of a Green New Deal in the UK. He has published numerous articles and the book ‘Critical Territories:’ as well as given workshops and lectured on the topic of Landscape Urbanism and the work of Groundlab worldwide. His work explores the relationship between policymaking and climate change through a series of research and commissioned projects. Ramirez is interested in developing landscape-oriented practices where skills including visualisation, mapping, spatial understanding of socioecological systems and landscape techniques can aid the advance of design strategies to tackle climate breakdown.

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