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Conclusion Session


17:00—19:00 CET / 12:00-14:00 Atlantic
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Angelo Bucci
“inside-outside / architecture as measuring and framing landscape”


Brief biography:
Angelo Bucci

Architect by the University of São Paulo, FAU USP, 1987
Master Degree, 1998, PhD, 2005, by FAU USP.
Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (HF AIA), 2011.

Since 1989, Angelo Bucci has been dedicated to building design, sharing his time between both professional and academic duties. These parallel activities define a special approach to his projects, in which the professional demands are understood as an engaging opportunity to research and speculate new ideas.
Always based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Angelo is founder and principal in charge of SPBR architects since 2003. He was also founder and associate of MMBB architects from 1996 to 2002.

He has taught studios at FAU USP since 2001 and also as a visiting professor in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Italy, Switzerland [ETH Zurich, 2014], and United States [ASU, 2005; UC Berkeley, 2006; GSD Harvard and MIT, 2008; UT Austin, 2010; Yale, 2013; MIT 2016].

In 2005, he got his PhD with a work that reflects about the role of experience São Paulo in his way to think about architecture.
Some of his buildings have been widely exhibited through publications, lectures and exhibitions.

After Territory Symposium / Inland-Seaward End-of-Cycle Exhibition – Transitional Territories Studio and Research
Section of Urban Design/Transitional Territories Lecture Series—After Territory—Session 3