Interdisciplinary Research Program – TUDelft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
North Sea: Landscapes of Coexistence. One-day Symposium and Exhibition

Dr. Arch. Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin
Dr. Arch. Hamed Khosravi

Prof. Dirk Sijmons
Dr. Platon Issaias

Curatorial team
Geert van der Meulen
Elise van Herwaarden
Gerben van den Oever
Neil Moncrieff
Alexandra Farmazon
Aikaterina Myserli
Ailsa Craigen
(Delta Interventions Graduation Studio)


Image: North Sea Proteine Flows.
Yelin Zhang (D-i Studio 2017-2018)




“Only if we place ourselves inside this world will we be able to recognise as one particular arrangement the choice of existents and their ways of connecting that we call Nature/Culture and that has served for a long time to format our collective understanding (…). Ecology clearly is not the interruption of nature into public space but the end of “nature” as a concept that would allow us to sum up our relations to the world and pacify them. What makes us ill, justifiably, is the sense that Old Regime is coming to an end. The concept of “nature” now appears as a truncated, simplified, exaggeratedly moralistic, excessively polemical, and prematurely political version of the otherness of the world to which we must open ourselves if we are not to become collectively mad – alienated. Following the Western understanding, “nature” has made the world uninhabitable. (Therefore) the operation comes down to reopening the two canonical questions: what existents have been chosen, and what forms of existence have been preferred?”

*Excerpt from ‘Facing Gaia – Eight Lectures on the New Climate Regime’ by Bruno Latour published Polity Press, 2017


Welcome by Dr. Taneha K. Bacchin and Dr. Hamed Khosravi
Delta Interventions Studio Leaders (Delta Urbanism Research Group), TU Delft
Short Studio Introduction by Dr. Taneha K. Bacchin

Opening Lecture by Dr. Platon Issaias
“Ecologies of Existence”
Royal College of Art, School of Architecture, London

Short Pitches Graduation Projects Delta Interventions Graduation Studio 2017-2018
Projects divided into 4 Groups, according to 4 geographies:

1. Norway South-West Coast
2. NL North-West Coat, Wadden Sea

Intermezzo by Dr. Hamed Khosravi
Landscapes of Coexistence

Short Break

3. NL South-West Coast, Dutch-Flemish Delta
4. UK South-East Coast, Thames Estuary

Discussions and final reflections
Moderated by Dr. Hamed Khosravi

Closing Lecture by Prof. Dirk Sijmons
“2050 An Energetic Odyssey / Seascape Architecture”
H+N+S Landscape Architects / North Sea Lab / Professor Emeritus Landscape Architecture, TUDelft

Final Remarks / Discussion around the exhibition tables






Dr. Platon Issaias
Royal College of Art, School of Architecture, London

“Ecologies of Existence – Architecture and Modes of Living”
Ecologies of living bring together material, environmental, technical, social and mental domains. To think ecologically is not so much a matter of protecting existing ecologies, but more importantly, a matter of generating conditions for different ones to emerge and affirm themselves. Only on these terms can a properly ecological project take place.

Dr. Platon Issaias is an architect. He studied architecture in Thessaloniki, Greece and he holds an MSc from Columbia University and a PhD from TU Delft. His thesis investigated the recent history of planning in Athens and the link between conflict, urban management and architectural form. His research interests explore architecture in relation to the politics of labour, law and social reform. Prior to the RCA, he taught at the Berlage Institute/Rotterdam and since 2012 at the MArch Urban Design at the Bartlett. Platon lectures in Greece and internationally, and his research has been published in many occasions, among others in DOMUS, Quaderns and the catalogues of the Greek entries in the 13th and the 14th Venice Architectural Biennale. He is the co-author of the book The City as a Project, published in autumn 2013 by Ruby Press, Berlin, edited by Pier Vittorio Aureli. In the summer of 2014, he participated in the 14th Venice Architectural Biennale with the collective project Mechanism of Suspension, which was exhibited at the Greek Pavilion and the Acropolis Museum in Athens.




Prof. Dirk Sijmons
H+N+S Landscape Architects / North Sea Lab / Professor Emeritus Landscape Architecture, TUDelft

“2050 An Energetic Odyssey / Seascape Architecture”
2050 – An Energetic Odyssey is a research by design on the possibilities, opportunities, and spatial implications of the realisation of large-scale harvesting, transportation and storage of renewable energy sources on and around the North Sea. This project demonstrates the role the North Sea could play in meeting the globally agreed two-degree target. The project seeks to conceptualise a new development strategy where meaningful and productive connections between Ecology, Energy and Proteins (Ecologie, Eiwitten & Energie) are designed, thus maximazing broad societal gain in the long run.

Prof. Dirk Sijmons, landscape architect, studied at Delft University of Technology. He worked at the Nature Conservation unit of the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Social work from 1977 until 1981. From 1981 until 1984 he was head of the strategic policy development and research coordination unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries. From 1984 until 1990 he was head of the Landscape Architecture Department of the Dutch Forestry Commission. From 1990 until 1993 he was coordinator of the Landscape Architecture study programme of the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. In 1990 he was one of the three founders of H+N+S Landscape Architects. In 2004 Dirk Sijmons was appointed Dutch Government Advisor on Landscape. He received the prestigious Edgar Doncker award in 2007 for his contribution to Dutch culture. From 2008 until 2015 Sijmons was professor of Environmental Design at Delft University of Technology. In 2014 he was the chief curator of IABR ‘Urban by Nature’. In 2017 he received the prestigious premier award for Landscape Architecture, the IFLA – Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award – the highest honourable carrier prize for contribution in the field of Landscape Architecture.

After Territory Symposium / Inland-Seaward End-of-Cycle Exhibition – Transitional Territories Studio and Research
Section of Urban Design/Transitional Territories Lecture Series—After Territory—Session 3