Interdisciplinary Research Program – TUDelft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Transitional Territories Graduation Studio 2021-2022

Image: Enzo Yap, TT Studio Essentials 2021-2022. Accumulation, Translations of Landscape, Maasvlakte 2, The Oostvoornse lake.

Transitional Territories studio focuses on the de-construction and re-construction of physical, ecological and political relations between downstream and upstream areas within hydrological basins and ocean spaces. We see the agency of Urban Design as the fine-tuning of the ever-changing interrelations between natural processes, societal practices, and (geo)political frameworks. The leading hypothesis is that the territory is a shared project – independently from scale – wherein the urban always co-constructs with nature. The studio graduation projects focus on the design of alternative forms of coexistence and care in highly dynamic geographies characterised by fragility, criticality and risk.
For the academic year 2021-2022 the studio continues the three years cycle “Inland Seaward” on the de-/re-territorialization of places, structures and cultures between land and sea: the palimpsest of traces of inhabitation, production, and infrastructure projected on land, river and ocean grounds, which define the urban as a material and socio-ecological space. As guiding principle, the notion of accumulation will be at the core of our study. By looking into centres and repeated cycles of accumulation and their externalities, we aim to document urbanisation and its impact on present and future environment and life.


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