Interdisciplinary Research Program – TUDelft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Territory as a Project: Accumulation—Clearance. Work-in-Progress Exhibition—2021-2022

Online Exhibition
Work-in-Progress Transitional Territories Graduation Studio: ‘Inland, Seaward’

with Pantopia / Architectural Association Diploma 9 : ‘No Money, No Cry’

Launch: 17.03.2022 — 15:00-17:45
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Curated by

Transitional Territories Graduation Studio:
‘Inland, Seaward.
The Form of Time and the Politics of Space’

Under the framework of Delta Urbanism Research Group, Section of Urban Design.
Department of Urbanism, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

The works presented in the exhibition “ACCUMULATION—CLEARANCE” continues the new three years cycle of Transitional Territories Studio on the de- / re-territorialization of places, structures and cultures between land and sea: the palimpsest of traces of inhabitation, production, and infrastructure projected on land, river and ocean grounds, which define the urban as a material and socio-ecological space. As guiding principle, the opposing and/or at times iterative notions of accumulation and clearance are at the core of the study. By looking into centres and repeated cycles of accumulation and their externalities, we aim to document urbanisation, its impact on present and future environment and life. The project continues in a search for alternative forms of critical design as acts of care.
The research on the state of the territorial project is developed in collaboration for the second year with Diploma Unit 9 at the Architectural Association. The Unit develops projects on a territorial scale, with a strong focus on spatial diagnostics and territorial transformation. At the heart of the studio lies the idea that crises should be revealed and designed rather than latent and suffered. This year, DIP9 continues to diagnose the current condition of the built environment and reveal its latent crises, with a specific focus on those of funding. Advocating for territorial trans-formations and institutional adjustments, the unit will propose strategies of collective responsibility towards our environment, consider ecological restoration as a catalyst for profound spatial and political change, and weave together spatial conditions through the dissemination of civic infrastructures.
Four lines of inquiry
subjects. composition. alteration. limit. projections
— ‘Matter’
— ‘Topos’
— ‘Habitat’
— ‘Politics’
Mapped and projected under the lenses of two opposing notions
— ‘Accumulation’
— ‘Clearance’
Inland Seaward
Curated by
Transitional Territories Studio 2021-2022
Robert Reinartz | Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin
Photography ‘Image’
Oana Irina Ionasc
Transitional Territories
Enzo Yap | Esmee Kuit | Hugo López Silva | Isabella Trabucco | Katerina Inglezaki | Kelvin Saunders | Luiz do Nascimento | Minyue Jiang | Monserratt Cortes Macias | Oviya Elango | Patrisia Tziourrou | Samuel van Engelshoven | Xiaoling Ding



Pantopia / AA Diploma 9: No Money, No Cry
Stefan Einar Laxness | Antoine Vaxelaire
The exhibition opened on March 17th 2022 with invited design critics Daniel Daou (UNAM), Johanna Just (ETH), Chiara Cavalieri (UCLouvain), Roi Salgueiro Barrio (MIT)