Interdisciplinary Research Program – TUDelft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Delta Urbanism – NEW WEBSITE
Delta Urbanism is an interdisciplinary research program of the Department of Urbanism, Section of Urban Design, TUDelft, which focus on an integrative and interdisciplinary approach in the planning, designing and engineering of urbanized deltas—fragile and highly dynamic landscapes at sea, in deltas, and in estuaries—facing extreme challenges from competing claims and interests. As discourse, it investigates the possibilities to combine flood protection, water management, and environmental regeneration with urban design, landscape architecture, and spatial planning. Finally, as practice, it has the objective to design the interdependency between spatial and infrastructural form and function and socio-ecological value and performance in deltaic and coastal landscapes.
We develop research, design and planning approaches and methods which contribute to the making of more sensible and informed decisions within the fragile context of deltaic and coastal landscapes.

Site currently under construction.