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Transitional Territories Studio 2019-2020: End-of-the-year Online Exhibition.

Transitional Territories
End-of-the-Year [online] Exhibition

North Sea Landscapes of Coexistence
A Topography of Chance

MSc. Architecture—MSc. Urbanism Graduation Projects 2019–2020


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A table of conversation between six lines of inquiry and their moving (unfolding) relations.

Join us on June 19th for the opening session of our online exhibition displaying a selection of ongoing graduation projects.

For this session, we are pleased to welcome four visiting critics that together with MSc. Architecture and MSc. Urbanism graduates will engage in a conversation around six lines of inquiry and related projects.

Invited critics: Dirk Sijmons (TU Delft/H+N+S Landscape Architecture), Martino Tattara (KU Leuven/Dogma), Stefan Laxness (AA Diploma Unit 9), Gabey Tjon A Tham (installation artist).

We look forward to see you on Friday, June 19th at 17:00 CET.